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Digital Marketing

digital marketing australia

We offer a number of digital marketing services. Organic traffic is great and provides a constant source of website visitors. However, it can be unpredictable, takes a long time to grow and is not necessarily coming from your ideal customers.

When you need to boost your traffic, or bring in the next big client, you need to advertise your business. The best place to do this is online with the search engines or through social media. Once setup you can scale up or down your advertising to meet your business needs.

Google Adwords

google adwords

Google AdWords is the king of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and for good reason. Its the most established and longest running platform (released in 2000). Their online training materials are excellent and their platforms performance is second to none.

AdWords can be a great resource and way to bring customers to your website. Campaigns can be turned on or off as needed and the budget changed to suite your current business requirements. However, Adwords is extremely competitive. Setting up campaigns that work is complicated and time consuming. A poorly configured campaign can be inefficient and expensive. That is why the majority of first time Adwords users give up on PPC.

A well setup AdWords campaign will provide value by targeting less competitive—and expensive—keywords. The ideal demographics are targeted during the best times of the day. Multiple ad variants are created allowing the best to be clearly shown by its performance. Ongoing observation and tuning lets the data guide the campaign. Poor performing keywords and ads are removed and top performers are optimised.

Bing Ads

bing ads

Bing Ads is the second most popular pay-per-click (PPC) online marketing system. It is part of Microsoft. Microsoft has been building it for the last ten years. The Bing Ads interface and toolset is very similar to Google AdWords.

Bing Ads is less competitive than Google AdWords. This results in it being comparatively less expensive. The support tools and educational resources are excellent. Online support is friendly and quick to respond.

A complete online marketing campaign uses multiple marketing channels. Each one is optimised for its strengths. Bing ads allows campaigns to be tuned and targeted to the desired audiences. Expenses are capped daily. As more data is collected the system makes useful optimisation tips.

Facebook Ads

facebook ads

Facebook ads is a relatively new platform. Its power comes from its large reach (1.8 billion monthly users) and advanced targeting abilities. Ads are targeted using location, demographic and profile information.

Facebook ads options include promoted posts, sponsored stories and external websites ads. They can appear within the feed on the web and mobile apps and on the side of the web app (under sponsored).

Advertising on Facebook (and other social networks) is know as social network advertising, or social media targeting. A large percentage of Facebook ads are shown on mobile devices with the platform also offer targeting of users in other mobile app (with Audience Network).

Businesses use Facebook ads to complete advertising objectives. These could include bringing traffic your your website, or app, or increasing your brands awareness. A daily budget is set to make sure the amount you spend on ads meeds your business needs.


pay per click

Pay-per-click is a model of internet marketing where the advertiser pays for each click of their advert. Popular PPC platforms include AdWords and Bing Ads. Rather than relying on organic traffic, PPC marketers are buying traffic. Unlike organic traffic, PPC traffic can be highly targeted and only show to relevant audiences.

Instagram Ads

instagram ads

Instagram ads are new. They come in the form of photo adverts, video adverts (up to 60s), carousel adverts and stories adverts. Instagram ads are managed through the Facebook Ads platform.

Instagram Ads are an untapped resource. The market isn’t saturated, like AdWords, and relevant audiences can be reached inexpensively. These audiences can be targeted by location, interests and demographics. Campaigns are built to drive traffic to your website or promote your brand.

Talk to us today about getting your business name out there and driving relevant traffic to your website. We can help with a strategy for organic traffic and the setup, optimisation and management of paid digital marketing.

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