Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Web Developer

There are so many things that you should know before becoming a web developer. You must understand well what the profession is all about and how you can function well in the industry you are in. Understanding the basics of becoming a web developer will help you big time.

Someone whose profession is building websites, including studying the way the website works and what it does. They are responsible for using front-end languages to craft code that becomes an interface on a screen. In addition, this person must communicate with clients who need help designing the website or adding different features. A web developer also needs to make the website work and load on other browsers and platforms.

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The Basics of the Profession

  • Coding
  • Creativity and Artistry
  • Storytelling


Coding is the process of creating a website, app, or program by writing code. This is typically done in front-end languages like HTML and CSS. Front-End languages are part of the code you see on your computer screen when opening your browser. Back-end languages are hidden from view – used to organize the site’s data.

Web developers are responsible for coding and creating content that anyone with an internet connection can view on the internet. This is a profession that requires both creativity and logic to succeed.

Creativity and Artistry

Creativity is an essential part of designing content. Web design Sydney must develop ideas for how the website should look and feel – including colour choices, graphic design, and artwork. You’ll need to create designs that are both visually appealing and functional.


Web development includes storytelling to engage the user with the content. Therefore, each part of the website should tell a different part of the story you’re trying to convey – whether that is branding, business promotion, or art and graphics.

Becoming a Web Developer

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Online Courses

Many free and low-cost online courses are available through technical colleges, universities, and even websites.

Colleges and Universities

Some colleges and universities offer courses in computer science, coding, and web development. This is typically done through the department of technology or “Computer Science” departments in traditional colleges and universities.

These institutions can vary in cost and quality, so it is essential to research what is available in your area and choose the best option for you.

Qualifications of An Excellent Web Developer

You’ll need to keep up with the latest technological trends so you can create engaging websites. You’ll also need to communicate with your clients about what they want, their preferences, and how it should look once finished.

Computer Literacy

Web developers need to know how the internet and computers work to succeed. You’ll also need programming skills to build a website from scratch.

Critical Thinking Skills

You need to be able to think critically about what is required of you and explain it in plain language so your clients will understand. You must be able to work out problems and issues that arise with the website.

Math Skills

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Web developers need to understand mathematics to code. This includes geometry, algebra, and numbers. For example, you’ll use this knowledge when positioning images on the page or working out the amount of space something will take upon a given screen size.

Logic Skills

Logic is needed to understand what the code should be doing and how it’s interacting with the user. It would be best to think critically about why a problem or issue has arisen and develop a solution to the website will load correctly.

Communication Skills

Web developers must communicate with their clients to get the message across about what they want. Therefore, you need excellent writing skills so you can explain technical terms and processes in plain language.


You’ll need creativity when coming up with site designs that are both visually appealing and functional. Each part of your design should tell a story or part of the user’s experience with your website.

Programming Languages

An excellent web developer should also be knowledgeable in programming languages like Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and MySQL. These will vary depending on the type of websites you want to build (i.e. an e-commerce site might use Python while a blog may use PHP).

Graphics Editing Software

Professionals in this field should know their way around graphics editing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. These will also vary depending on the type of website you want to build (i.e. digital art may be done in Adobe Photoshop while the print design is done in Adobe Illustrator).

If you have these qualifications, you can begin your journey as a web developer. You can start by learning to code and creating your content on the internet.

This will help you understand how websites work, what people want from them, and how they function. You can then continue on your path by taking courses or joining an organization that teaches coding and website development.

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