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Managed Web Hosting

managed web hosting

Finding reliable, fast and configurable hosting is difficult. Enterprise level managed hosting isn’t affordable for most small businesses. Our hosting packages provide a quality website management service built on top of the best infrastructure available.

We get it setup, optimised and tested. When your website is live we provide around the clock uptime monitoring and security monitoring. We also make sure your site is regularly maintained, updated and backed up.

Built on Amazon Web Services

amazon web services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud infrastructure provider. AWS have fast data centres around the world, including Australia.

AWS is primarily targeted at enterprise and medium to large organisations. The platform is robust and feature rich. The setup and configuration, however should be done by a professional.

Copeland Creative offer managed web hosting build on top of dedicated AWS EC2 instances. We provide enterprise grade hosting at affordable prices.

WordPress Updates

wordpress scheduled updates

WordPress is the most popular content management system. By some estimates it power’s over 30% of websites on the internet. It’s customisable, secure and has a huge ecosystem of themes and plugins.

As security issues are discovered plugin developers patch their plugins and release them to WordPress. These regular updates keep the plugins and WordPress secure from hackers. Because of this it’s important to keep your WordPress installation, themes and plugins up to date. Some owners put this off, fearing it could break their website. This occasionally does does happen.

At Copeland Creative we take care of all your website maintenance and fix immediately any issues caused by updates. You can rest assured that your website will stay safe, secure and keep bringing customers to you.

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