Using WordPress for a Business Website

wordpress for business website

You need a website for you business pronto. Everyone is talking about WordPress, it seems to be everywhere. But is it a good fit for you? Lets explore the positives and negatives of using WordPress to power your business website.

Positives of Using WordPress for a Business Website

    • Easy to setup
    • Regularly updated
    • Large ecosystem of themes and plugins
    • Many web developers know how to build WordPress websites
    • Prebuilt themes are a cheap way of getting a good looking website
    • The WordPress CMS is expandable with the large number of plugins available or by custom PHP development
    • The WordPress documentation is excellent
  • Most web hosting is compatible with WordPress

Negatives of Using WordPress for a Business Website

    • To remain secure both WordPress and the Plugins need to be regularly updated
    • WordPress core updates can cause plugin incompatibility and the website can crash
    • PHP problems can be complex and hard to fix without a knowledgable developer
    • Simple sites with static content don’t need the complexity of a CMS like WordPress
    • Poorly written themes and plugins can be large and bloated and cause the website to load slowly
    • Each plugin introduces potential security vulnerabilities
  • Prebuilt generic themes can be quick and cheap but limit the amount of customisation possible in the future


As you can see there are many things to consider when choosing if to use WordPress for your business website. Some estimates list it as powering up to 30% of websites on the internet. The WordPress ecosystem is large and mature and some of the largest websites on the internet are powered by it. Ultimately it comes down you your individual use case and whether it is a good fit for you. Feel free to reach out and discuss what my creative web design studio in Sydney can do for you.

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