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Web Development


Web development

We build and take care of every aspect of web design and development. From designing and building a site from scratch, refining an existing site to website maintenance.

You can provide us with your own design, using Photoshop or Sketch files, and we will build it into a lean and fast WordPress site. All our work is responsive and optimised for all devices.

Most websites are built with themes and templates that are easy but large and bloated. This makes the site hard to maintain, insecure and slow. Often 90% of the code isn’t even used. Our sites don’t have this unnecessary baggage. They are lightweight, updatable, fast and secure. We don’t use themes or templates, preferring to build the site from the ground up.

We use the latest HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for our development. Our focus is on keeping it simple. This makes it easy to maintain and make future changes. We avoid the hype, only using tested and stable technologies that are widely supported.

Many WordPress sites use way too many plugins. Plugins are great but need to be updated regularly (for security) and can cause reliability issues. We use a minimal number of plugins and only from reputable developers. This ensures a lightweight site that will be great for years to come.

WordPress Development

WordPress development sydney

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS). It’s popularity is due to its versatility, reliability and huge ecosystem. WordPress began as a blogging system but has evolved into a powerful CMS. Over 30% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

We specialise in custom websites built with WordPress. All the content is updatable from the WordPress backend by you. Talk to us today about building you a modern and fast WordPress site.

Hybrid App Development

hybrid desktop mobile apps

Hybrid Mobile Applications combine the best of both the native and HTML5 platforms. Our hybrid web apps are built using HTML5 and JavaScript. Hybrid frameworks are used to leverage these technologies with libraries, components, integrations and APIs. This is then wrapped inside a native iOS or Android container that provides access to native phone features.

The process of building and deploying a hybrid app is faster, cheaper and easier. Multiple platforms can be targeted with one app. The app can then run from any web browser or be downloaded from the app stores. Minor updates can be pushed to the devices without the need to download a new version of the app.

We build hybrid mobile apps using the Meteor framework. This is a mature, stable framework with a large ecosystem.

metoer app development

Meteor is an open source platform for web, mobile and desktop. Meteor is developed by the Meteor Development Group (MDG). MDG was incubated by Y Combinator and received $11.2M of funding in 2012.

Meteor is a full-stack highly opinionated framework. It uses a mix of front-end JavaScript, back-end Node.js, HTML, CSS, and static assets to create reactive user interfaces. With Apache Cordova built in, your app can be built to be cross-platform for Android, iOS, or the web (hybrid app) with one codebase.

Our apps are secure, reliable and cost effective.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance

A website is never really finished. As your business grows your website should grow with it. Designs and styles evolve. The technology your website uses is updated and security issues are identified and patched. Website maintenance needs to be a part of your online strategy.

We don’t only design and build websites. We offer a full maintenance service. Whatever changes you want to make to your site, we can do it. If you want to schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly updates we can help. Talk to us today about keeping your website healthy and up to-date.

Performance Optimisation

website performance optimisation

Website performance optimisation is about optimising your website to improve the speed it is downloaded and viewed by your users. A better performing website directly translates to a better user experience, repeated site visits and increased revenue. This gives you a competitive edge.

Google now uses website performance as a critical ranking criteria. Users increasingly use mobile devices and at times on slow networks. Studies show that slow loading websites significantly increase user drop-off and decrease user experience. Users now expect websites that load fast.

Some of the techniques used for website performance optimisation include asset compression, code minimisation, the use of asynchronous scripts.

Copeland Creative can help you optimise your website so it loads quickly. This involved analysing and optimising your website codebase and web hosting.

Note: All websites built by us score over 96% on all Google PageSpeed tests.

Google Analytics

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the best—and most popular—tool you can use to know your audience and measure website performance. Knowing your audience is important to the success of your website. Google’s extensive cloud infrastructure allows quick analysis of large data sets.

Some of the information Google Analytics shows you includes the number of people visiting your website, their geographic location, which browser they used, their screen resolution and what language they speak. You can also see their actions, how long they stayed, the most popular pages—and ones with issues, the busiest time of day and how they came to your website.

We offer comprehensive Google Analytics solutions. We install the tracking code, setup the account and generate relevant reports. This allows you to make informed business decisions.

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